Global Urban Air Summit 2019 - Day One Presentations

EVTOL Technology & Infrastructure

Dr Anita Sengupta
Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer, Airspace Experience Technologies

From Flying Cars to Humans on Mars: The Future of Transportation

Ricky Sandhu
Founder (Architect), Six Miles Across London

Enabling Urban Mobility: A New EVTOL Infrastructure Era

Duncan Walker
Co-Founder & Managing Director, SkyPorts Ltd
Infrastructure in Urban Air Mobility: The Crucial Component

Mildred Troegeler
Director, Global Airspace Integration, Boeing

A UAM Ecosystem Built on Safety

Pawan Srivastava
Director, McFly Aerospace Infrastructure Ltd.
How Urban Air Mobility will reshape our cities with the new real estate and smart-systems


Operational Environment

Nikhil Anand
Founding Partner, The Aviary Project

Preparing the UK for UAM Operations

Filip Verhaeghe
Chief Executive Officer, (UN)MANNED
Tackling Airborne Software Complexity and Safety for eVTOL

Ken Stewart
CEO, AiRXOS, Part of GE Aviation

Air Mobility Ecosystem - Scaling the Urban Air Mobility Economy

Ali Husain
Chief Software Architect, SkyGrid

Blockchain in Aviation


Beyond Passenger Travel

Maron Kristófersson
Case Study: Drone Delivery Service in Iceland

Marion Le Masson
Digital Product Manager for SOARIZON©, Thales UK
The transformational technology of drones and their potential impact on society