What our employees have to say...


 Accounts Manager (17 years)

I am proud to have been part of FIL’s finance team for the past 13 years. Both the management and finance team have provided me with support to develop personally and professionally and I am grateful to all my colleagues that have contributed to my journey. FIL is a company where people can join at different levels and skillsets, but we share the same brand values for success and are constantly looking to the future.

The best part of FIL is the warm and welcoming environment coupled with a great team of talented people who live and breathe the Pioneering Spirit.

 Assistant Director of Delegations & Protocol (5.5 years)

From the day I joined 15 months ago the role has been a great fit – this was important to me having left a long-term position to join FIL.  With flexible home working arrangements, great ‘family’ feel with the teams I work with,  plus the key support and responsiveness of the senior management team – what’s not to like!   There are challenges, but if you are committed and flexible, FIL could be a great fit for you too.

  Sponsorship Sales Manager (7 years)

Farnborough International is a very diverse company to work for with exciting projects and opportunities that arise all the time. Every day is different with events, conferences and programmes running 365. I feel very proud to be part of a team that delivers one of the world’s leading airshows and I enjoy watching the company grow, which in turn, allows staff to progress and develop in their role.

There is very much a ‘team spirit’ within Farnborough and everyone is always willing to support each other where needed. Farnborough is a very approachable company to work for and are always open to listening to their employees allowing them to grow and lead in their area of the business.

If you are looking for a job that is ever changing and you want to be part of an exciting team of passionate professions, then Farnborough International is the right company to work for!