Boeing and Airbus join international regulators to discuss the future of flight at Global Urban Air Summit

Speakers from Airbus, Boeing and the UK’s Civil Aviation Authority are now confirmed for the first ever Global Urban Air Summit taking place in Farnborough on 3 – 4 September.

Harini Kulatunga, Airbus’ Head of UAM, joins a panel alongside NASA’s Bob Pearce, and Ito Takanori, - Deputy Director of Future Air Mobility Office, in the Japanese Government’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry - to discuss how fast urban air with eVTOL vehicles will be a reality.  

Mildred Troegelar, Boeing’s Director of Global Aerospace Integration is to speak about the UAM Ecosystem.  

September’s Summit brings industry together with regulators for the first time in order to explore urban air technology and how it can be successfully operated.

Tim Johnson, Policy Director for the UK’s CAA joins Jay Merkle, Executive Director from the US Federal Aviation Administration’s Office of Unmanned Aircraft Systems on a panel that will set out the regulator’s view on urban air mobility.

Speaking about the Summit, Amanda Stainer, Farnborough International’s Chief Commercial and Partnerships Officer, says: “This is a rare opportunity to hear directly from a wold-class line up of speakers representing some of the global aerospace industry’s biggest and most dynamic organisations.

“There’s no question that the Global Urban Air Summit will be a pivotal moment for advancing how we travel. It’s the equivalent of Henry Ford meeting motorway planners.”  

Other organisations represented by speakers include Uber, NATS, EHANG, Vertical Aerospace and Thales. Speeches and panel discussion will cover a diverse range of topics: ‘Infrastructure in urban mobility’, ‘Scaling the Urban Air Mobility economy’, and Stu Olden of Williams Advanced Engineering will speak about ‘From Formula One to flight’.