Farnborough International: Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Committee

The Farnborough International and ADS’ Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Committee was established following Farnborough International’s participation in the AEO/AEV/ESSA cross-association D&I Working Group.

Participation within the industry working group quickly highlighted the need for ADS and Farnborough International to collaborate and bring together a collective of staff to focus and champion DEI inside the organisations.

The DEI Committee was formed at the beginning of 2022 and consists of 15 team members representing all areas and levels within the business, with the aim of developing and sharing insight on practices and strategies that can be put in place to make a positive impact on the businesses as a whole.

A thorough audit has been carried out across the business, focusing on each of the nine protected characteristics, as defined by the Equality Act 2010, plus neurodiversity and menopause as additional focus areas. The findings have resulted in rapid changes being made to business practices to provide more flexibility and choice to Farnborough International and ADS employees, with long-term goals and objectives now in place.

Goals of the DEI Committee:

  • To champion DEI throughout the businesses – DEI to be at the forefront of business actions, strategies and practices.
  • To educate and promote understanding of the importance of following the DEI practices and the benefits it brings to our business and our partners as a whole.
  • To recognise the value of diverse voices whilst promoting employee wellbeing and celebrating our differences.

Monthly meetings are held for the committee to discuss findings, results and updates on DEI projects throughout the business, such as changes to internal recruitment and on-boarding processes, external communications, and company culture.

Ollie Newton, Account Director at Farnborough International and Chair of DEI Committee: “We are excited to be making positive changes as a business which we hope will improve our staff, supplier and customer experience and inspire and benefit others in our industry
and beyond.”